Miracle Workers

Get Well Soon bouquets make you more courageous knowing that everyone you wanted to be near are near you taking care of you and being there as an emotional support. I have been to hospitals for my training programs. I hate the place for its odd smell and negative energy that prevails most of the time. Kudos is to them who work there all the time and still give a smile to all patients. Doctors are not near all the time, they just come for rounds and give instructions and go away. I’m talking about the nurses – the nightingales. The relationship between them is a unique one like train friendships, they never last and yet it blossoms every time when a new patient arrives. Giving a friendly hand knowing that they will be discharged soon is a noble thing you can ever imagine. They come to you every few hours to check the vital signs and comfort you by saying you are OK. They give you medicines at exact time intervals. They are at times strict only so you will obey and get healthy soon. Their lives are intertwined with life and death and yet they bring a smiling face in front of you soothing you by saying things are gonna be fine. Salutes are your way all those who belong to the nursing profession.

I signed the petition to support the UN’s effort to bring clean and safe drinking water to millions across the globe. Join me on this year’s Blog Action Day by signing the petition here http://blogactionday.change.org/sign-petition.
It;s a noble cause so please join in..