Premonitions and stuff

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Yesterday I saw this movie and there are many of its kind. Both movies and serials highlighting the darker side as far as they can. Actually yesterday’s movie was not that bad. But many of it has deeper dark, bad vibes. Simply the vision of the scenes makes me sick or suffocating. One good example is the Final destination series. Why do they make stuff like that, Implanting fear of a dreadful future ahead? Why can’t people dream of a brighter future with prosperity and joy! I wonder. Are there as much light-hearted, humorous releases as this kind? Usually these people play with light and darkness and a different kind of sound to make it spooky. The major colors to be seen are grey, black, ash, dusty, rusty, and of course blood-red. The colors I wish to see are radiant yellow, fresh green and aqua blue all around me self. Hope more people come up with brighter creations in near future. Also these competitive game series – every one of them exaggerates the single point that loosing is a sin. When will they learn that the one who loosed in one part of life eventually learns how to prepare for a victory and it is a good thing.  I started to hate the term ‘Elimination’ sigh*** If you want to select a winner select them nah! why harass and make those who are not selected feel embarrassed??! It is just a missed chance not the traumatic situation of a life time. Learn people to face things boldly and look at the brilliant future alwayzzzzzzzz…