Pigeons at the Gateway of IndiaBombay bombed again. Even after the name change to Mumbai it is a sad thing that the horrific trend continues..

That city which is  full of life, color, happiness, people, celebrations, stars, joy, humanity, love, friendship, yaari, dosti, pyar, mausum, seasons, movies, business people, enthusiasts, huge sky scrappers, extra ordinary shopper stops.. etc etc etc…

is now mostly remembered for the sadness caused by the violent activities of those who wish to stay anonymous.

At times like this my heart goes to my friends who live there. I call up make sure they are okay. The events in this city of dreams makes us Indians wonder when will we reach a dream nation scenario where everything is peaceful 😦 Its like said in the social awareness movie ‘A Wednesday’. Everyday has become a nightmare for the Mumbaikars; be it the aftermath of natural calamities or that of man made disasters.