Tale of the Millennia

When it all began..  – 1016 AD – A Reigning Dynasty in the high valleys of the Trimoorthi Hills

The mist draped everywhere. The flowers holding the newest of dew drops. The drizzle just waiting to pour. The sun not known for the day yet. A cold winter on the high valleys of the mountain. The day has dawned yet no rays have spread. A soul lotus in the palace pond still in the bud stage awaiting the warmth of the rays of the sun-god. At that moment Prakrti slowly opened her wide eyes still laying above the silk woven bed spread. A little yawn escaped her little lips. Like the lotus bud her ways were like a child and her looks were of an angel.  She lived in the highest of places known to that kingdom. Slowly she got up and walked down to the open view awaiting her. A misty cloudy view which made her feel at loss. She had everything she could ever wish for yet something was missing in her life. She was aware of the fact that something was missing but she could not make what it was. She struggled day and night to figure out what was it and ended in the conclusion that because she does not go out often may be she is not living the life properly and so God is punishing her. But how can God punish an angel like her. She looked in the pond and a mild smile emerged at the corner of her lips and it faded even before it blossomed. A strange feeling hit her. At a distant nation Prithvi was accidentally hit by the sword during Marshal Art  training.

This Time it Happens Again – 2011 AD – A City buzzing with activities near the Shores of Arabian Sea.

The honk of a distant ship gently vibrated across the shore. The many enthusiasts who enjoyed jogging and strolling on a beach road were busy with the brisk walks and pets. The sun started spreading the rays and it was bright now beaming into the windows of the sea-facing apartment windows. A orange tint which appeared in the eyes disturbed the late night-bird. She gently snuggled up and covered herself with the blanket. A mild beep came out of the phone and she woke startled still. Yes it was a beep for an email from an important friend of hers and yes may be a really close one. She rubbed her eyes and fumbled to find the buttons and opened up the email message. As expected it was from her boyfriend. Prithvi has asked her to join him on a date that evening. Love has started blossoming between them since the last few dates. Yet Prakrti was not sure whether he feels the same way for her as she does for him! the same thought running in Prithvi’s mind too. In their busy corporate work lives meeting and keeping up with the relationship was an effort to be made by both of them.

Now its a Magic – 3014 AD – A Renovation Forest Camp at the banks of the river Ganges

A mild buzzing hit her eardrums. It was a milder tone yet she sat up bolt right. It was the robotic alarm bees. Prakrti was one of the lead Scientists in the era of renovation. She is an expert in the technique of genetic standardization making sure the once extinct organisms when resurrected to life does not live like the way the scientists wish for instead living life as they were actually meant to be – as God made them to be. This was her dream and her wish. She believed every organism has the right to survival like any human. She came out of her synthetic tent and stepped out into the deep forest. Sun rays were just spreading through the thick green leaves. She felt fresh and a strange tingling sensation hit her forefinger, ah yes it must be call from the Recycle Engineer Prithvi. He is such a gem of a person. Nothing to hide and nothing dull about him. She found herself amazingly cool when talking with him or perhaps even when thinking of him. She talked with him. He invited her to have coconut punch for the start of the day. She agreed instantly. Prithvi was day dreaming of his beloved angel and how he wanted to start everyday with her beside him.

… To be Continued…