Do Women have less sense of direction?

Lady Driver in side mirror

Day before yesterday, while I was walking to the market in the evening, a car followed me. I stepped little further away from the road to give space in the constricted road. Still the car was behind me sounding the horn. So I turned around to see a woman driving the car, she signaled something, so I went near the passenger side window of the car. She asked for the directions to a nearby place. I told her the directions and the landmarks, She then left. I noticed I signal the left and right sides by showing my right and left hands. Pizzas..I sensed difficulty in telling the left and right without referring with my right and left arms. Why is it so? I started thinking. The Research I did on the internet and the remembrance of a read from a magazine in a past day became the igniting point to write this post. In that magazine, I read about the basic genetic differences between men and women and how evolution had a huge role in shaping their genes and the way they act or react to different situations. Because men went hunting in the early years of civilization they seem to have developed special abilities associated with finding direction. Women were left at safe areas to protect their children and women were good in finding and collecting fruits and vegetables and hence they developed better sense of differentiation and categorizing. Women have better sense of landmarks and lost objects around the house because they are very good in recalling. Men have better sense of direction, routes, left and right sides because they are good in visualizing. Concluding which we can say both have equal rate of success in finding the destination using their kind of spatial abilities and brain functions. So the next time your partner urges you to find his lost mobile, or when your better half doesn’t quite remember where she need to turn to get to a place, remember that we are made different and each stands unique and together we make a great pair.

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