Chrysanthemum flower beds and bachata

Chrysanthemum flower beds by Jay Chou from the movie “Curse of the golden flower” with subtitles is very much appealing to listen to. The meaning is very dense when read and understood from the subtitles, in the real language the meaning may be even more dense. Many Chinese movies have this extraordinarily beautiful music played during the end credits I believe. Very Poetic. And I listened few months back the bachata radio for Latino music or Latin American music. Their genre of music is also unique and inspiring to me. Most of the songs bring a dance feel to it. Mood lifting.  I would love to explore more of music from different parts of the world. When at home it’s always about music and movies for me folks. And occasionally books too. 😉 This ‘Atlas Shrugged‘ book that I’ve been reading for more than a year I guess is interesting and intriguing in many ways, yet I wonder why I’m taking so long! I guess sci-fi and thriller are my kind of genre to read and enjoy in a faster pace. Other than that I finished a few inspirational books by Paulo Coelho pretty fast owing to the fact that they are short and yet exceedingly inspirational. I am half way through the book now, hoping to finish it soon and pick up a different book. Along side I started reading “The Time traveler’s Wife” which is good, but as I’m determined to finish the book by Ayn Rand first, I’m going in a slow pace with that book and sometimes never seem to remember I’ve started another book already.

Now on the loop in my playlist – Orey oru from Venghai sung by Tipu and Harini