Source Code of A Beautiful Mind

A Splendid movie. And being a bio-pic it has even more charm and wonderment to it. I believe I have already mentioned sometime before about this movie in this blog, but not a complete astonishment towards it 🙂 Life like that can be so hard for a commoner but for genius people life turns its rough side down so that the world would know and learn from the greatest people we can possibly meet in our life. An illustration of a Mathematics genius is who we see in this movie 😀 It is an honor to know that the real life genius is living among us right now read A BEAUTIFUL MINDAn Auto-Biography. Even to watch and understand such genres of movies itself needs a genius mind.

This movie was beyond what we can ever imagine of life, after life and parallel worlds and it is beyond what we can measure in terms of time and space parameters. A salute to the creative minds which worked behind this brilliant creation of cinema. The same time frame run over and over. The same people in that time line met again and again. Only the events that follow keep changing every time the SOURCE CODE is run. Unique imagination and real hard work. At the finesse you are definitely going to be awestruck and the sense of amaze gets stuck with you whenever you think of the movie again. Yet again only a genius mind finds it a treat to her imagination.