Jump Start

Prakrti jump started her day by jumping off her bed and took a fleet of steps after seeing through her window her love waiting in the parking area below. She could not wait to take the lift for it will take longer when loving hearts are waiting and hearts can not bear such longing when the beloved wants to meet. As she reached the last steps and saw prithvi, she would have fainted if not for Prithvi to sweep her off her feet and he carried her back to her apartment holding her in his arms and talking few things off which most important was that ‘have you lost your mind? to come down in your night dress! my god you are beautiful. my darling…’ she blushed as she felt him speak and also felt his fingers across her delicate arms. They reached home and when he left her down, they both had a long lingering hug to console of their separation for the previous day and night. Life seemed brilliantly beautiful with the sun blessing them as they kissed.