Science of Love

Prithvi’s call was answered with the face of prakrti blinking in his palm mobile and his day has begun. She told she would meet up immediately and that gave him such pleasure that he himself went half way to her place when he met her and received her to his humble abode and they both chatted like there is nothing wrong with the world as of now and everything is as stable and healthy as one can expect it to be in a hypothetical situation. Both of them loved the chat and the possibility that has arisen which brought them together after so many months probably years of field work for her in a distant island. With each advance of technology there was something lost in the quality of life of people, they lost the sense of belonging to each other and sharing and caring until after the great devastation which brought life back to earth leaving behind the destructive measures taken by the worlds of the earth which caused more harm to earth rather than each other. Life is returning to its fullest bloom after many restorative renovation camps and awareness about improving self discipline among the people of earth.