Alert Call

While they were busy talking about their lives and joys, an alert message popped up on their personal screens. It was almost day to day thing for them. But then it was important and so they both started to stride across the metal bridge to reach the central workshop. They had this new area were the renovation has to start off as immediately as possible. The people there traveled the length of the ocean in the little land they had beneath their feet. They were dragged back to the big land and the renovation work has begun. Both of them reached the camp site from the workshop .  Already the landing procedures were done and the land is anchored safely and people started boarding, everyone was checked for flu and viral infections which they might carry along with them. Then they were provided with fresh water and refreshments like home grown fruits and salads. Children and mothers with the family man were provided with separate tents temporarily. Later they will be moved to duplex tree houses with identity card, rations, water supply and solar lights with tree number which makes them identified citizens of earth.