Surya Namaskaram

 Surya namaskaram is by far the best yoga sequence to be flowed by many people around the world. There are various modified versions of the same according to the school of yoga from were they are taught. It is a salutation to the Sun God to be performed every morning around the time of sun rise. It is a combination of yoga postures in a single flow of movement. It stretches the body and energizes the cells of the body. Yoga mats can be a motivation to do more yoga on a daily basis. The list of asanas in order are Tadasana, Pranamasana, Urdhuva Hastasana, Padha hasthasana, Aswa sanchalasana, Chaturanga dandasana, Sasangasana, Ashtanga namaskarasana, Bhujangasana, Parvadhasana, Sasangasana, Aswa sanchalasana, Padha hasthasana, Urdhuva Hastasana, Pranamasana in Tadasana.