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Some things are better effaced, but sometimes it hard. Relationships are based on how well and how often we communicate with them. Some days I feel like I am in talking mood and others i just need some space and be with myself, no intruders allowed. But some other times it is the opposite that happens. 😉 Only good deeds are needed to efface complicated behavior. But some deeds cannot be erased off the minds of others so easily. So better stay in good mode whenever we interact. Letting go of the shield we carry when with other people should never be laid to rest until you reach home and be with the real close ones with whom you do not need to stay guarded. Many are at ease with this state of relax and hence these people make the home that is. If you do something which you would later want to efface then better do not do it. During critical times when it is hard to keep the safe mode tackle it with little tricks which can be effaced off easily or those which will go off by itself. Learn to be nice and kind you will never be in need of tricks.

“Write injuries in sand, kindnesses in marble”

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