Thank you

Lovely to hear Dido. Very fine emotions and words are not enough always and so the music and her voice add the charm to this song. thank you. I also like her ‘white flag’. Have you listened to ‘if i rise’ from 127 hours which is a great composition as always from the maestro AR Rahman himself and dido is the artist who turns it into an epic performance. The emotion of this song is confidence.

Lovely hindi song. Its been a long time since i listened to hindi songs, now a days i could hear only noisy item numbers which i am least interested in and only a few catch my attention and this one is definitely there in the list. Some hindi songs will remain etched  for a long time and only because they have a soul to it.

On some other note listen to this classical influenced song from the movie ‘maalai pozhudhin mayakathile’ beautiful rendition by the singer Karthik. Another version of the same song is sung by Bombay Jayashree. Her voice is always magnetic. The song has the charisma to linger in your mind even after the song is over.