Red Dog


Today I suddenly remembered watching this movie. I started watching only because of the different color of the film. But slowly i got involved in the progress of the movie. I never released till the end of the movie that it was based on a true story that took place in Australia. It captures a different period of life and people and also a different kind of workplace for the men there. The Red dog is the lead of the movie. How it turns friendly from arrogant and how the master learns to like him more than he imagined and how their lives got close with the heroine etc is the tale interesting to watch and read. There is some tragedy also but it is a movie which you’ll remember for a varied number of reasons and for a good number of days. For me it is indeed a long time before when I saw this movie, but today for no reason I remembered the ‘Red Dog’ and wanted to share it with you all. One thing it tells is that ‘Life is always there as long as there is a search of destiny’. That attitude to seek for the truth is what keeps us alive. Stay lively…