I have come to like the compositions of the young and talented GV Prakashkumar. There is a soul to his music and the singers make it even more memorable. This song is  a particular favorite for the depth of its lyrics and the good romance of the lead roles in the movie.

This rendition keeps on lingering in my mind and I am spellbound for all the artists involved in this performance especially AR Rahman. All the vocalists are pure joy to give ears to. It is a blend of many cultures and it stands a representation of each one of it. I love simply love this song. Thanks to cokestudio for making it possible to listen to it.

Alizee’s voice is very soothing and strong. I heard this song a long time ago yet I remembered it for the tempo and musical soul of this song. A honest voice I believe and when added feel can do wonders to those who listen and also for those who sing it.