Deja Vu of the Oblivion

Source: World Wide Web

Deja Vu, I never thought that this movie would turn out to be so profound in thought and execution. Like many hypothetical sci-fi movies this one is remembered by me as one of the best. The actors are strong expressive kind. And the movie and screenplay itself makes you sit and watch till the end and expect more and more and leave you with a lots of questions after the movie is over. Also it allows our minds to dream of a future with a billion possibilities.

Source: World Wide Web

Oblivion on the other hand is on the negative side of the utopian dream. But also the imagination is new and very sci-fi. The animation and grandeur shown is brilliant to watch. Then also the movie leaves filling you with a sense of wonderment that the earth is still beautiful and there is always a good hope and belief that we would turn out to be good at the end and we can still save the world from the brink.