Project completed


Few months back i started this small project, and I finished it a few days back. It looks okay, need to do the framing properly so that it can be displayed elegantly. Watching World Cup Cricket and it is getting more and more interesting as the games progress towards the finale. The red fish looks happy no! After every two days of happiness comes two days of grumpiness for me. All is in the game of life i suppose. Our life is moving in a good direction i am not sure if it is the same direction i want it to go. Cost of living in a city is always on the high end and i feel more and more irritated knowing and understanding the commerce behind every sale and discount offers. Literally all the media is aimed at one and one thing only which is to make people buy something or the other even if they really have no need for it. Real estate for instance is making us crazy thinking over and over about how the dash do people afford the money they are quoting these days for projects far off from city limits. God save us. Take care all…


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