Back to simplicity

My recent ‘back to simplicity’ songs with reference to the lyrics from A.R. Rahman are these three gem songs. The lryical quality and simplicity is amazing. The fact that we can sing along makes it even more loveable. The lyrics though simple in terms of the phrasing is still profound in its meaning. I love all these wonderful songs for more than one reason.

This one from kadal is beautifully imaginable in some fantasy world of our own. Lovely lines and slow melody. It kinda makes you melt into the scenario described. Amazing rendition. First I heard this in super singer show sung by nivas. That time itself i fell in love with this song.

This one is my next fav in maryaan next to nenje ezhu but this is the one more hummed by me. Again the lyrics are beautifully simple and profound. I would have loved to hear it from a female point of view as well. Anyways this song is so lovely with all the beach and romance 😉

This is the ultimate song for love in tamil as of now. How many times many lovers would have said or felt it, but i wonder why this terminology did not pop up in tamil songs for so many decades. Out of the world experience when listened in a soundproof environment or during a long drive. The actual song is more pleasing than film version (owing to the rawness in the movie scenes). The song kinda pulls you in and you cannot sleep before completely listening to it in a loop till all of your mind is filled with love. The female version of the song is there too which is equally mesmerizing.