Blissful Temple – 1016 AD

Prakrti’s moment with one of Nature’s most beautiful bird elongated as long as the bird sat there, but then the soldiers around her thought of the bird as a potential hazard for the princess. And so they had cautious eye for each and every movement of the peacock. Soon a peahen came flying to a nearby branch and the peacock got distracted from what it was doing and it went about to be in companionship with his female counterpart. Prakrti’s eyes still laid on the happy family for awhile and afterwards the chariot came to the proximity of the temple. She got down with flower garlands of nagalinga poo and another garland of vilva leaves. She had brought with her few drums of cow’s milk to offer to God as abisheka porul. Then she prayed for the well being of all the life on the face of earth. This was her routine as always and she was most dedicated when it came to prayers. After prayer, she came to sit outside the praharam of the temple. The soldiers and those who accompanied her distributed prasadam to all devotees who have come to the temple that day. It is likely that at least few of them came to have a look at the princess also after having worshiped the Gods.

Prithvi having got a glimpse of her, came wondering who she was and followed the chariot to the temple in his white horse. Though Prakrti was not aware of this, and she simply greeted the local inhabitants with blessed flowers from the God. Prithvi came near her and was amazed and e lost his conscious mind to the one thing eternal. When he neared her, a distant cuckoo came near the temple tree and Prakrti gave him vilva leaves but she did not see him up close and in front of him. He left a few feet away and behind the pillars was he standing. Then she came to the Murugan sannidhi and offered the God the pichchi poo garland. While coming out of the sannidhi she felt someone near and close to her is near to her at that very moment. but she could not spot the who or where. She showed a sign of disappointment in her face and she hurried to the car and in the hurry she gave the full view of her face to the one man who is going to be hers forever. The chariot left the temple in a haste.

Downhill ride was more troublesome for her with unwanted thoughts and disturbing mind voices. Then again she never stopped wondering and amazing at the beauty of the nature around her. When there was a steep transit suddenly she was facing the uphill temple and at that moment she saw him. She saw the one who is the reason for all her desperation and wonderment. He never thought of showing himself in such a period of his life. He wanted to love her all his life but he wanted to come in front of her only after he regained his lost kingdom as a prince and not as a mere soldier with no degree of rank . This disappointed him yet he was the happiest in the all the world when his love of life saw him and he could sense the love in her eyes also the moment the four eyes met. For her she knew her Gods will never stop blessing her. She knew that he is going to be the one and only one for her. Life and Love became a lot more meaningful all at once and it will be so for the rest of their lives once they join hands in holy union in front of the Gods and the Family elders. She is thinking too fast without realizing the actual course of action may vary a lot and may involve a lot of waiting and patience beyond her level of tolerance. But God is there with her at all times making ways so that only those things happen which will not cause her serious worries. For she is their child and No God finds it amusing to see their devotee suffer.

… To be Continued…(706)