Mall Day – 2011 AD

It was saturday and Prakrti was eager to be with Prithvi, her boyfriend. She had planned to visit the Phoenix city mall that day and spend all day with him. He was a little late and she started worrying a lot and slowly anger crept in her mind. Once he comes he would be nowhere to answer her series of questions about time and the credibility of their relationship. He was worried about how he is going to answer her and he thought of a plan. Her house door was open and she was sitting right in front of the door waiting for the moment he would be arriving at her door step. As she saw his face on her door she came in a hurry and started to close the door with a big thud, but alas, he did something incredibly stupid and cute and lovable that all her anger and upset mind came to a cheerful state of understanding his love for her.

He had bought her a big box of love and also a cute little bundle of love. She named it LivLuv the moment she saw its eyes. It was a puppy dog and it was very very cute and it looked so much deep into her eyes with the question mark of whether she would accept her. She was at that point of time where she did not remember for what she was angry or for what she was about to bang the door on his face. She just knew he would make her happy even though the element of nonsensical fights are always there in their future life forecast. She hugged him so deep that he thought oh my god, she is the one and the only one with whom he would be for the rest of his life. The connection is realized by the mind long before the brain assimilates the details of the history and geography of the person opposite him. Destinies are funny in most cases and unimaginably in favor of you in the rest of the cases. After having the moment of cheerful whole hugs, she left the LivLuv with her neighbor friend and they started to the mall, Phoenix city mall.

Her usual shopping stops are the big malls across the city, sometimes even when there is nothing to buy she needs the air of the mall in weekends to make the week complete. As for him he never would understand the concept of going to a shop when there is nothing to buy. she enjoyed seeing the many people coming there and the new arrivals in clothing, furniture and accessories sections of the mall and also the new food menus which she can try as they come. She loved to gift friends and close ones as and when she wishes to do so. It gives her immense joy seeing the surprise element in other people’s face as they receive the gifts. It is like sharing of the love but with a help of physical material. She wanted to be his center of attention all the time and she dressed for the mall day neatly. He was spellbound by her mere presence in front her and the thought that she is very happy spending time with him. she too was the happiest when he is near her and is caring for her more than she would demand of him. They sat in front of hot beverage shop and she ordered ice cream.

… To be Continued…(584)