New families – 3014 AD

A strange thing happened; one of the families that came on board brought with them a little cub. It was nearly dead but life still hadn’t left hand. Prakrti noted the animal curiously. she filled up all the records needed to take the cub into her custody. The cub was a orangish red cub with black stripes on its back. The first thing she did is to make the cub comfortable in the lab in the right temperature and she looked after the cub so carefully. She injected some medicines and waited for the cub to have little milk as she tried desperately to feed it. Only little could enter its mouth and then the cub started yawning and it began to sleep.

In this eventual happenings she totally forgot her friend Prithvi. He was waiting outside for her comeback. When she came out she had little relief in her face. she had also put the cub on trips of tender coconut so he can get more strength to eat properly. She realized her face lighting up as she saw prithvi. He gladly welcomed her with a smile as always and her eyes captured something from the cornet of her eyes and suddenly Prithvi’s hands were on her face. she didn’t realise what was going on until he pulled away a kerchief which had wiped off blood from her radiant face.

The cub might have got wounded realizing which she rushed back along with Prithvi. He quickly pointed out the paws of the cub were it had a shrapnel etched inside the skin near the nails. While Prithvi holded the paws without shaking it, Prakrti used her skills and emergency tools to carefully remove the shrapnel from the little cub’s feet. She was happy that she could find what was wrong with the cub so soon. she put bandages and injections to restore balance in the animal’s body. It slept peacefully. And Prithvi and Prakrti shared their concerns and relief about the events of the day. their hands were clubbed together and there was no time on earth that could have matched that moment of friendship and love which they felt naturally towards each other without any previous knowing or indulging.