life as we know it

life as we know it is a common phrase in many of the sci-fi movies of all times. i’ve been watching international movies for many years now and now i’ve out-grown the craze to some extent. i’ve been a blog writer for more than 10 years though very much inconsistent, and also been writing personal events manually using pen and paper 😉 today i thot of experimenting this new platform. being part of twitter i hope to enjoy writing here. whenever i sit for writing there are a lot of self imposed restrictions as to i should not write this; i should write in this genre/topic; i should stick to the categorical format which i frame for me self etc. here i hope to avoid those threats. when i write fiction, often short stories come to me naturally, whereas when i try for multiple episode novels it takes a long stretch of time and is always few paras at a time. this is tuesday almost midnight and the date coming to close. gn…

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