Storm is coming!


Monsoon days again, lovely feel at the beginning of monsoon. Great climate here at my city. Continuously pouring, drizzling and it is definitely a lovely feel. Occasionally depressing but to having to get to hear the pitter patter is heavenly as always. The plants are flourishing, the people are rejoicing, new beginnings and so on. If you ask me ‘whats new?’ I shall not be more clear as you would expect. Thinking of developing a food blog which will not be the usual recipes and photos but something more but I’m stuck with what would be that more part. I like photography and writing stuff, but not sure how things will work out. Recent news and all is pretty depressing like the brexit, other socially cruel activities from uncivilized antisocial elements of the global village. Thinking excessively about the lot of tax which  is being extracted from the same people again and again from common good to heart people and the business tycoons  are left off with so little to pay the govt. Tax from salary, tax for savings, tax for consumer goods, tax for services, tax for every purchase, extra tax owing to new tax rules.

I am going off topic here. Lets get back to positivity. Watched “Tomorrowland” “Premam and “Bangalore Days” and loved the optimism these movies bring to your life. I’m concentrating on the decor of my house more recently.Its been wonderful to see so many pins and boards dedicated to home decor and I simply love browsing through the lists. Pocket app also is good when it comes to saving the whole article for referring later sometime. But pinterest is more of a visual treat. Recent soap encounters are “Jane the virgin” “masterchef australia” “nvok” etc. Out of these Jane is funny with getting to know the spanish mexican culture. nvok is good and informative with new things to learn. masterchef is as usual fun to watch. The other new one on the block is the dare show which I pretty much hate to see owing to the constant unnecessary drama and petty fights and also bad language at times. Not to mention these advts are making me go wild and just break something on the heads of the makers excepting very few innovative ones.

Bought a few books but yet to dig in. Installed few apps recently and my mobile got to super snail speed and so just few minutes back deleted all those new and unwanted apps, now I hope the cellular would be more swift in functioning – will find out the results in  a day’s time. Will be more prepared to do lot of photography, lots of new and inventive cooking experiments, will work towards a better goal for this beautiful life of mine, will be more positive towards life and will depreciate procrastination and put a step forward one step at a time to be more closer to my aim in life will be more softer in speech will empower myself with more energy will add a  lot of activities into the routine will keep a  strong regimen for my healthy lifestyle will FACE life more boldly.  Be a dreamer and be with other insanely innovative and creative dreamers, Create a bigger dream for you and for those around you. Dreams will bring back life into your being.