Suggestion to QMoonSujay TV ;)

This is just a fun post. If the people responsible for content creation in the actual TV channels come to see this; they may find it as viewer feedback from a common woman perspective. Bullet points follows:-

  • If you are going to end a program without notice, you might as well give a scroll down notice at the least to let us know that you are no longer going to telecast that particular program or you can move that program to the new substitute channel of yours. eg: en kanavan en thozhan and many more …
  • Some serials in your schedule picturize events like the doomsday is almost near, extreme melancholy and all sorts possible things that can go wrong on a normal persons’ life is exaggerated to out of the world level. eg: vani rani and many more …
  • Stop advertising 1001 times about a program till we get the advt in our dreams too. It is playing in all the advt slots and you are making us watch it over and over for the nth time. The things shown in the promo are almost coming at the end of week only anyways. eg: ads in hd version
  • May be you can be neutral when it comes to news to some extent. For highlighting political things is your partner channel which can be used to full extent also you have news channel of your own. Many watch your news despite not politically favorable to your allies. eg: news slots
  • neeya naana has become way too short after shifting to afternoon time and we see a lot of edits and its like we are missing some portions of the complete picture.
  • try avoiding almost A-only content for you will definitely miss out your young audience as parents would not wish to make their kids prone to such language.
  • Stop telecasting the same set of movies for the nth time, it makes us dislike the movie even if it is a Class A movie otherwise. Instead you can telecast dubbed world movies which have not been watched and hence our population will get to know culture of different countries
  • may be you will improve your quiz program , our suggestion is it should be more informative for us to know previously unknown and interesting facts. why have a cinema round in a school quiz!
  • Stop producing programs exactly like other channels, sometimes we forget which channel we are watching as all of them has same set of programs for week days and weekends alike.