Weaving Baskets

Crocheting of baskets is pretty interesting as it can demand your using many mathematical and logical concepts. As you can see I have made two baskets of which i have posted three photographs. I am not particularly expert in camera skills but I do get good outcomes with some effort. This pink one involved two types of yarns namely a 1mm thickness cotton rope and DIY T-shirt yarn from rag old shirts. It took me a little time to complete it though. It needed more hand grips and coordination. Now I’m using it to keep my bedside requirements  such as night creams and foot cream 😉 It has seven faces and we can call it a Heptagon weave basket. It involves using a 4.5 size crochet hook and to the most extent single crochet technique. For making T-shirt yarn I used only hand parts of an old tshirt. The color scheme worked though i was doubtful at the beginning. The link to try making this kind of basket is https://www.baby.ru/community/view/125648/forum/post/302179747/ though exactly not the same I improvised. Also check out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O8U_nYZpIEk

This second project was done before the pink basket. It involved using nylon rope and a size 2.5 hook. This kind of ropes are sturdy and when you work with lengthy projects you might hurt your hands in making it harder than usual. It turned more like a bag than a basket. But we are using it as a basket only to hold two or three balls of crochet thread yarns. Working with crochet threads is more intricate and requires a lot of attention and concentration. Bulky yarns are easy to work with . Nonetheless the thin variants makes for a lot of engagement  when you are absolutely bored and time seems to be running in the reverse. I am just learning and experimenting with crochet and knitting and my Gurus would be the youtube crochet and knitting masters. Thank you for teaching me and inspiring me to make many more works of art.



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