Amiable – Beautiful – Curious – Daring- Enigmatic – Ferocious – Gullible – Hearty – Innovative – Joyful – Karmic – Loyal – Miraculous – Noteworthy – Optimist – Poignant – Queen – Robust – Scintillating – Tough – Unique – Victorious – Warm – Xenial – Zestful

Just an attempt to put my personality into the alphabetical order – it does not fully describe me though…


Woolen Work


granny square

Granny square I made a while ago. I have to start doing crochet work as the season is turning grey and cold. Let me update after finishing up…

Inspiration and more…

Good day to all readers,

I am planning to create a vlog for inspirational purpose both for myself and others. It’s been on my mind for a long time now. This is an inspirational words board which I created during times of distress and it helped me a lot. After this I started BuJo and it is fun to do all the writing and drawing and doodling after a long time I am using all kinds of stationery items along with some new items like Brush pens and bold sketch pens. I started it as an experiment only but I hope to take it forward. Vlog creation + podcast listening + Pinterest exploring are my current hobby ideas. Many times I want to do a lot of new things and for that my share of investment in terms of money is considerably high. I would not disturb DH much this time. I explored some work from home options but in vain. I do not have idea as to who would be reliable or genuine when it comes to work from home.

I have started to de-clutter my space and there are a lot of doubts about what to discard and what not to. i see a lot of infographics with this regard but the final decision stays within my hands. See you in next post TC all…


Paneer Recipes

I’ve been trying few paneer recipes and experimenting with my own intuitions and it is fun. I tried all sorts of dishes with paneer as major ingredient starting from

  1. Chilly paneer
  2. tandoori paneer
  3. garlic paneer
  4. paneer tikka
  5. paneer butter masala
  6. shahi paneer
  7. paneer panaiyaram
  8. paneer cutlet
  9. achari paneer
  10. bharwan paneer etc etc..

This seems like an interesting adventure in the field of  cooking. I am yet to learn proper food photography to enhance the quality of photographs taken by me.

Nature – The All Powerful

agriculture field

I have been away for quite a lot of time now. I have been building and upgrading my lifestyle slow and steadily. I have started BuJo experimentation. I have created a habit tracker and improver. I have begun bi-cycling. I have put more importance to my daily meals. I have created a t-shirt yarn bag for quick market visits. I have added new song list and ring-tones to my mobile. I have attended a few get-togethers and met and interacted with friends and family. I have been trying a few experimental gardening practices. I have started new daily routines to enhance our quality of life both physically and spiritually. I am keeping a record of all things good and I am practicing appreciation as a powerful tool to improve self worth. I am trying to improve my contacts with high intellect people. I also am planning to improve my education. Todays weather is absolutely gloomy and others on a later post. TC all.

On the loop now-

சோம்பு பூ

Hello dear ones,

This image is that of the flower buds of the sombu plant i.e,. saunf in hindi or fennel plant in english. Their leaves are very delicate and it looks beautiful for the eyes and beautiful to touch as well. These buds come in clusters and then yellow colored flowers bloom. Quite lovely to watch these plants grow. I have planted a few mango seeds today including the husk / pit. I do not know how it will work but I am hoping the strongest of them would grow anyhow breaking open the hard shell part.

Book update – Finished reading ‘Sita – Warrior of Mithila’ and ‘Ram – Scion of Ikshvaku’. These two retells the story of Ramayana in modern context. Some parts of the story are acceptable and intriguing but some others make us doubt our long fed belief system. Hoping to find more answers in the third part of the book which releases next year. More how many parts I am not sure. These books has coinciding chapters and mostly the same text are used and it makes me think ‘I’ve read it already’, I mean exactly the same paragraph with the same set of sentences. What else can one do!

Movie update – Only wish-lists here – >>tubelight >>dear zindagi >>life is beautiful >>Cars >> moana >>jackie chan’s new movie – The Foreigner  >> etc etc etc

Music update –  Listen to “Surviva BGM” awesome for a first listen don’t know how it will grow upon you.

Macrame Plant Hanger

I made this macrame plant hanger using one blue paracord and three clothesline ropes made of gold colored fabric material. It turned out to be good to the eyes and as well as the technique was great making a sturdy plant hanger. I am having a money plant in this right now. Will think of something more attractive in the coming weeks. I did not use the beads as mentioned in the to do blog. One of my friend introduced to me the macrame way of knotting and all possibilities of creativity it holds. I hope you find inspiration as well…

How to make it –

Infinity Shawl

This shawl is made using the NAKO pashmina yarn of light pink shade and a 4.5 size crochet hook. This is the most admired project of mine owing to its uniqueness and easy making. The major type of stitch used is the half double crochet which is the most easiest and brings out the dense effect which is desired for this kind of beauty. It can be worn as a single loop but is most preferred with double or triple loops according to the climatic condition you are presently in and according to the level of warmth you would need at any point of time when you are outdoors or confined to indoors. I loved this work even while making it and love it even more after completing it. It would be my most favorite wear coming winter. I would update on my other works as and when I complete those. Thanks for inspiring and thanks for visiting..

How to make it –


Red Heart Ruffled Stole

This beautiful ruffled scarf is made using the sashay boutique red heard yarn. At first I thought this kind of yarn as chunky yarn used for other purposes but realized it needs a different technique to bring about the desired ruffled effect. Its not so much complicated as one would imagine. I used a 3.5 size double ended tunisian crochet hook to make this and this hook particularly helped with its advantageous points. I am yet to experiment with the tunisian form of crocheting. This scarf looked pretty fabulous after completion and most of all it is PINK which makes it even more attractive for a girl species 😉

How to make it –


Knitted Neck Cowl

This is my first and foremost knitting project. A neck cowl made using NAKO spaghetti effect yarn and a 7.0mm circular knitting needle made of aluminium. It was a video for absolute beginners that made it easy for my experimentation. I loved the close knit effect it has achieved. Compared to crocheting knitting is far intricate and requires practice to work with both hands. Knitting gives a no gap cowl which makes it perfect for extreme winters where as crochet gives a lacy feel in most cases.

How to make it –