Red Heart Ruffled Stole

This beautiful ruffled scarf is made using the sashay boutique red heard yarn. At first I thought this kind of yarn as chunky yarn used for other purposes but realized it needs a different technique to bring about the desired ruffled effect. Its not so much complicated as one would imagine. I used a 3.5 size double ended tunisian crochet hook to make this and this hook particularly helped with its advantageous points. I am yet to experiment with the tunisian form of crocheting. This scarf looked pretty fabulous after completion and most of all it is PINK which makes it even more attractive for a girl species 😉

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Knitted Neck Cowl

This is my first and foremost knitting project. A neck cowl made using NAKO spaghetti effect yarn and a 7.0mm circular knitting needle made of aluminium. It was a video for absolute beginners that made it easy for my experimentation. I loved the close knit effect it has achieved. Compared to crocheting knitting is far intricate and requires practice to work with both hands. Knitting gives a no gap cowl which makes it perfect for extreme winters where as crochet gives a lacy feel in most cases.

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Shell Stitch Blanket

This one is more a table cloth than a blanket. But the pattern is the same as mentioned in the video link below. I used NAKO my love yarn and a size 4.5 hook. The working on this particular project very enjoyable as the yarn looked so yum and soft to the eyes and hands. I am still having the lavender yarn to work for one more one skein project. A lot of yarn is used up for this project so it is best advised to have more than one skein to make a small blanket out of it.

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Raspberry Stitch Hat

This is my second work using NAKO saten yarn and a size 4.5 crochet hook. It was meant to be a slouchy hat but I used up the yarn way too soon in making the hat, so it ended up becoming a normal fit hat. Anyways it looks cool and is very soft to touch and the pattern is very pretty. The band has to be worked according to the size of the head circumference of the person for whom you are making it. Other things fall into place naturally.

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Star Stitch Scarf

This is my first complete project in crocheting. I used the NAKO pirlanta yarn and used the 4.5 size crochet hook. This is a star stitch scarf for the neck. I loved the output and the aptly found wooden button for the locking end. Initially it felt a bit difficult but not so mush as you get the hand/hang of it. I used to do crochet when I was younger but not to such extent, I just knew the basic stitches and it only needed a refresher course to make me jump into crocheting back again.

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Weaving Baskets

Crocheting of baskets is pretty interesting as it can demand your using many mathematical and logical concepts. As you can see I have made two baskets of which i have posted three photographs. I am not particularly expert in camera skills but I do get good outcomes with some effort. This pink one involved two types of yarns namely a 1mm thickness cotton rope and DIY T-shirt yarn from rag old shirts. It took me a little time to complete it though. It needed more hand grips and coordination. Now I’m using it to keep my bedside requirements  such as night creams and foot cream 😉 It has seven faces and we can call it a Heptagon weave basket. It involves using a 4.5 size crochet hook and to the most extent single crochet technique. For making T-shirt yarn I used only hand parts of an old tshirt. The color scheme worked though i was doubtful at the beginning. The link to try making this kind of basket is though exactly not the same I improvised. Also check out

This second project was done before the pink basket. It involved using nylon rope and a size 2.5 hook. This kind of ropes are sturdy and when you work with lengthy projects you might hurt your hands in making it harder than usual. It turned more like a bag than a basket. But we are using it as a basket only to hold two or three balls of crochet thread yarns. Working with crochet threads is more intricate and requires a lot of attention and concentration. Bulky yarns are easy to work with . Nonetheless the thin variants makes for a lot of engagement  when you are absolutely bored and time seems to be running in the reverse. I am just learning and experimenting with crochet and knitting and my Gurus would be the youtube crochet and knitting masters. Thank you for teaching me and inspiring me to make many more works of art.


Dream Catchers DIY

These are the dream catchers I made myself for me and my family. An interesting thought behind the making of it and working for it as exciting as it can get. It is said that it wards of nightmares and filters the good dreams to you. I hope you can find inspiration in it and you people interested in arts and crafts start making one of your own imagination.Stay inspired and be creative always…

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Information Overload

Hello Readers,

This age we are faced with some unique situations not faced by any who are not part of this generation Z. We get to know a lot of needed information through the world wide web. We can get any kind of information at our fingertips. Nothing can escape the eyes of the all powerful internet. Everybody is willingly part of it – but is everyone aware of the true nature of it. Is everyone aware of the good and bad faces of it? Even while storing huge amounts of data online, the internet is vastly expanding and making everything part of it. From very personal data to office data to national security data anything and everything is part of it in this information age. Many movies come up with all kinds of possible things that could go wrong when this information is misused or the systems turn mutated. May be the movies show a negative utopia. But that does not mean every aspect of these movies are wrong in their imagination or shall i say judgement. Most notable of these movies are the “The Terminator series”, “The Transformers series”, ” iRobot”, and all kinds of movie showing the dominance of the machine over mankind.

While I was staying at a cosmopolitan city, I was taken aback by the amount of hoarding and banners for advertising what not. I got so irritated about it. I could not stop myself from reading the ads, though I did not want to. Yes I can read a language and its scriptures but it doesn’t mean I have to read every word of it when comes in front of me. I could do nothing; its like our brain is trained to read the scriptures of the language you know wherever you see it. Fast forward five years and nowadays I am forced into reading so many needed or unnecessary information in the form of animated gifs, images, videos etc.. through whatsapp, FB, twitter and all social webbies. Why do I need to know something when in reality I would not use even a part of the information in my life. Many websites show their content appealing and yet nothing usually comes of it after reading the article except a few worthy reads.

The format in many places is numbered posts – examples include ’14 things to do before you go to trip’, 33 places you must visit before you are 33′, ‘111 questions to ask yourself’ etc. These numbered post mostly make one read the article no matter how stupid the topic is. Other format is health related posts and videos mostly targeting on people who are always afraid what is wrong with their body and those seeking fitness information. Though we read it, we never seem to follow it and we go with our own regimen when it comes to fitness. Another one I find in recent times are the life hacks videos, which are very interesting to watch yet how practical they are is a big question. In mobile itself the videos we receive are 99% scrap. It is beautiful – yes, it is informative – yes, it is a brilliant stunt – yes, it is unbelievable – yes, it is cute – yes, but do we need all those for our daily schedule – NO. Sometimes they send weird and fearsome information which I do not want at all. Why would I read or view a video which can cause fear, which makes me sad or which that is gross and make myself down the whole day afterwards. “NO THANK YOU” 

I do not say I do not indulge once in a while in this pool of information. But I would rather not be drowned by this information overload. Planning on taking up a no screen day every week. Will update you once begun… Take care all and yes keep your creativity growing…