Quilling Experiments

I’ve been experimenting all kinds of crafts and diy projects. And these are the results of experiments in the quilling art. One jhumka I made for my niece and the greeting card I made for my other niece.

One more addition is the following work of art –

PS – Been moving blog posts and remodeling my blog, so bare with certain glitches.



Awe Inspiring Devasena

Absolutely awestruck after watching Baahubali 2 – two time in theaters and watching Baahubali 1 – once in hotstar to reconcile the back story. The story is not new but the making of the movie is what makes the difference. Me, my sis and my mom absolutely loved both the movies especially the new one. The character which stole my heart is ‘Devasena’ – her bravery and gracefulness is extraordinary. Its an inspiration – none the less.

Kattappa’s role travels throughout this movie – he scores well in comical occasions and as a royal servant. Nassar scores as a villain. Rana is well built for a strong villain. The royal court scenes shows the majestic dynasty’s grandeur and also the hero’s stand as a noble man even though he is against his mother’s wish. He stands by his Dharma which matters the most after all. A King is a King no matter where he is put up.

Godmother Sivagami carries the royal duties beautifully and as a mother. In first movie itself her bravery and determination is established. Her eyes speaks a lot. The helicopter views of both magizhmadhi and kundhala desam is superb. A special mention to the great waterfalls of the first movie which becomes part of this movie to the very end. The before interval block almost resembles the one in first part where Baahubali’s sky high statue overpowers his brother’s golden statue.

Bahubali’s love and respect for women makes him more than a bold leader. His bravery and quick technical thinking makes him extra special a king. His command is well established in grandeur even during his last minutes.The song that travels among the clouds is like a dream realized.  The Krishna statue was so charming just like Lord Krishna. Lord Shiva is the beloved God of the Kings in both the first movie and its sequel – its more a prequel. The Linga swaroopa under the water falls and crystal linga at the palace makes important points of the story.

Lord Ganapati is called for in introducing the royal prince and in revealing Godmother’s Stamina and Brave-heart.  Baahubali stands tall at many occasions – the length of credits after movie shows the amount of hard work put in by so many people for this movie. The tamil dialogues at many points is exhilarating – * Bahubali’s speech before the people *Bahubali to kattappa before his death fight, * Sivagami’s announcement of the new king etc. Devasena’s pride is what made me like this movie more than necessary. The royal charm and charisma carried by Anushka is worth mentioning.