Purpose of the Blog

Finding Purpose

Hello Friends,

I find it relaxing when I write. I started writing just for fun but later on it became my passion and I think myself as a bit of an expert when it comes to writing. My genius mind is always in search of something and the sum of its results are sculpted into words in my blog. I have been an author of a blog which is defunct as of now as I decided writing a physical journal would make me happy instead. After being away from blogging for more than two years, here I am exploring the possibilities again. I have just come here finding words to pen down  my views and perceptions of the world around me and how I come to terms with its good and bad faces or the grey ones in between. Sometimes it turns out philosophical other times plain emotional. I used to write about nature, books, music, movies, art, life, photography, travel, fiction, poetry. Here I would write inclusive but not limited to just these. I would love to write more like new ideas, elements of nature, lifestyle improvements, relationship strategies, idiot box ironies,  gardening experiments, spiritual awakenings, recipe secrets, and many many more topics which I would find interesting and intriguing to share. My previous blog was a huge inspiration for both my readers and myself included. I hope to earn a similar loyal viewership here in this new haven also. Much awaiting to get started with the activities of decorating and arranging the blog details starting with this little page. I wish to be known only by my pen name. WELCOME TO MY BLOG & STAY LOVELY…



I am in a stage of major transition. Transition is a curious word choice with abundant meaning to it which varies according to the context in which it is used. My period of transition is always in progress and it only means my life is flourishing. I am choosing the middle path – a road less traveled when it comes to my way of life. When it comes to Spiritual intellectual traditions and globalized scientific trends, I am often at loss of clear cut facts in both lifestyles. But there is a catch in both, both has its share of benefits and harms. Traditional ways though mostly based on ancestral knowledge and wisdom, because it has traveled a long path many beliefs and superstitions has corrupted the whole and precious truths and has clouded our judgements when it comes to the sacred traditional practices. As for urban lifestyle trends, most of it is familiar to even remote villages and in a way it is making people forget the importance and benefits of natural ways of living. Many brands and companies claim their products to be scientifically tested and superior to naturally made products. The chemical components present are probing a question as to the health-wise safeness of the ingredients. Taking these facts into consideration, me, my family and my extended family members are slowly reverting back to the traditional ways of life but yes we are unable to completely let go of the modern trends from our urban centered life. Hence here I am trying to find and follow the middle path between the two; making use of both the traditional wisdom of our ancestors and the scientific knowledge of the modern time inventors. I am hoping to shed some light on the new path as and when I discover the most convenient and practically applicable methods from both schools of thought. Let us try and adopt ancient methods while keeping track of new innovations.



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