A Beautiful Night

A Beautiful Night
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A night so beautiful, with a lovely moon and a
beautiful river that glitters like silver.
Night is always beautiful and charming.
I used to go for a night walk in the moon light.
It is really an amazing experience to walk
on the streets with a relaxed mind.
When you walk on the streets you will hear the
sounds of night like the sounds of crickets
and the sounds of the waving branches of trees.
A night walk will bring joy and you’ll feel light.
Instead of watching the boring television, go for a walk.
If you don’t have a street suitable for you
to take a walk go upstairs to the terrace.
Walking while seeing the moon amd talking sweet
things with your friend, brother, sister or lover is
enjoyable, mind relaxing and great.
Your head till feet will get relaxed with
the cool winds of the night.
After this mind relaxing night walk
you will definetly have a sound sleep.
A moon may seem like disappearing but
it does not. Sometimes we may feel like lost
and empty, but that is not the truth.
A moon is always there, but sometimes it looks
like it is not there. A true friend is always there
for you, sometimes you may not recognise
the person. Look around for persons who
think you as their best friend yet
you may not know them.

A Beautiful Sea Shore

A Beautiful Sea Shore Posted by Picasa

Everyone loves the ocean and the sea and
rivers etc. I too am part of that huge group
who are true lovers of beach and sea and water.
I can simply sit and watch the waves of the
ocean for hours and hours.
Imagine sitting in front of the huge ocean and
smelling the beach air and the waves that
comes running towards us and cuddle our feet.
It feels and smells so nice. The passionate sea
teaches us to be persistent. The waves and the
water are immensely powerful. Yet it behaves as
a child that hugs her/his mother with great
love and passion. This simple thing is very
much needed for us to learn more things.
Though the ocean has a huge and unimaginably
magnificient world within it, it keeps on trying to
grab more things from the land.
Like a great scholar having extensive knowledge within
might not stop and will keep on trying to learn
more from other people. The ocean teaches us to be
always thirsty for knowledge.
Known is a drop. Unknown is an ocean.

A Rose Blooms

A rose’s transition from a bud to a flower is neatly captured in
this short video. Our life also blooms from a bud stage to a
beautiful flower. Enjoy your life which is blooming with joy
and love.

Subtle Beauty

Subtle Beauty Posted by Picasa

The subtle nature and beauty of this flower is very seductive.
Two beautiful flowers on a green grass background
and the mild sunlight that pass through the soft
petals gives a different look to this picture.

Nature’s Paradise

Nature’s Paradise Posted by Picasa

Imagine enjoying this place in reality, it’s so extraordinary. I will never ever think of coming back home. The green cool to the eyes, away from the irritaion of veiwing the PC for hours, away the noisy city roads, away from the dusty streets and away from sounds of automobiles.

This is really a paradise to dwell in. Atleast imagine of dwelling in this place. The cool water, The chirps of birds, The sound of the flowing water falls, the touch of chill breeze, the feel of the green leaves and the smell of fresh water and nature pulls our soul to this paradise.

Life brings us some unimaginable beauty and unbeleivable world in front of our eyes.
Enjoy it for as many times as you can. Nature is Beauty.

A Beautyful Butterfly

A Beautyful Butterfly Posted by Picasa

Think of flying like this beautiful butterfly, it is so exciting for us. The pain it undergoes while coming out of the moth is dreadful and yet it succeeds. This pain gives the butterfly the strength to fly. Without pain we too can’t fly high in the sky. We need to break the obstacles in life for we can suceed. Life without pain is no life at all.
Nature has everything embedded within itself, even the lessons for good living. Each drop of nature teaches us something. Every moment in life teaches something. Every person we meet passes a message for us to hold for life. Nature is mysterious yet wonderful.

Flower Valley

Flower Valley Posted by Picasa

The clouds prevent us from the harsh sun’s rays.
Not if everytime, atleast occasionally we feel like
a cool roof is passing over us when we are under ths shadows of
the clouds during a mid afternoon peek summer day.
As such are the persons who give us a little smile on our face
during a heckful day’s work.
Thank them for the smile they gave us.
Only these persons are making our life beautiful.
They freshen up our minds for the remaining day.
A small help, A good smile, A healthy handshake, A kind look,
All these matters.
Meet these everyday angels.
And your day will become surprisingly beautiful.

Lavender Farm

Lavender Farm Posted by Picasa

A lone tree inbetween thousands of lavender.
This tree may be alone but because of this
tree alone we have got such a gorgeous picture.
Without the tree the picture is just lavender columns
with no touch of beauty.
Similar way some individuals make others life a
beautiful one but they remain alone to serve the community.
Identify them and don’t forget to pass the information
about such great persons to the upcoming generation.