The Fantasy Called Time Travel

“Information is the only way we can time travel”

Just a quote which I read somewhere recently. Quite beatifically said. I have read two time travel based novels and reading one now. It is so fascinating to imagine and believe. For me visualizing the narration adds as much pleasure as the story itself. This thought about time traveling through the lanes of memory is a unique thought. I never thought of it that way. It adds more happiness to nostalgia. Everyone time travels to a past different time by remembrance and everyone time travels to a future different time by dreaming imaginatively. Lovely to know time and space are as big a concept as creation itself.  They never cease to create a sense of wonder within ourself. Enjoy the everyday time traveling.


Long Awake


A long lazy night with music as company
Skipping the list of songs one after another
Finding nothing impressive as it used to be
Sleepless soul sees nothing beautiful as sleep

Laying sleepless with dreams of distant lands
Visions never seen before unfolds in front
Of the closed eyes and like magic you enter
Into the world of dreamers and dreams far

The chirps of evening birds, the whoosh
Of a distant falls, rabbits running home
Deers hopping swiftly, peacocks spreading
Squirrels eating fruits, sky pouring drizzles.

Walking down the less trodden mud lane
The night covers the forest and whooshing
Of the falls the only sound to be heard
The glorious moon on top of the hill

There seen was a yacht with the oars
Starting to sail along the flow of the water
Huge trees enveloping the banks of river
A tiny bridge bridging both the shores

Tie the boat on one shore, passed along
The little bridge and there you see a gate
Made of gold and silver glittering in the light
Of moon, without touching it opens to welcome

A fountain of water gliding like shining silver
A palace with the grandeur of the heaven
A door with a million holy bells ringing opens
Inside you get, there you see the unexpected..

Divinity of laying in mothers lap, finally I start sleeping.

When An Angel Reads..


When an angel reads..
When she is lost in it
When she traverses to a new universe
When her journey is still not over
Someone knocks in.

She being lost in the new world
Never heard the knocks
She enjoyed the adventures inside
She goes on reading
Loving the read and the journey.

Others can envision what she reads
But they never can enter her world
Where everything is beautiful
No one is foreign
And all wishes are fulfilled

The knocks continue..
She never woke up
The reality did not strike her
Her happiness never faded
She lived happily while reading.


Dripping soul
Dangling pieces
Dreadful arms
Dearness lost.

Deadly words
Daunting visions
Dreaming lady
Displaced memories.

Falling pieces
Filling puzzle
Fearless mind
Fulfills dream.

Ocean Of Dreams

Sighting the ocean of dreams..
Sometimes creating illusions like the clouds in the sky.
Sometimes they are the sweet dreams
Sometimes they are the dreadful nightmares

According to my wish are the Day dreams..
Day dreams are the reflection of my aims.
Dreaming about what I would be in future..
And what I want to be in the future.

Someday my dreams will come true to my eyes
and to all…

[PS: I think I’ll be taking a lengthy break for my studies and will be back in full swing soon,
if at all i get some time I’ll be here to give some short and sweet posts]

Last Monsoon

Tap, Tap, Tap….
My ears woke from a nap.
Tap, Tap, Tap….
My eyes glanced at the glass.

Here came a monsoon
Making my soul cool.
Thinking of my last monsoon
I am writing a poem not so soon.

Monsoon rain heal my sorrows
I would love to borrow it…
For this summer afternoon
If not today for tomorrow…

This may not be a poem
But here is my poetic dream.
Come who may to read the dream…
Leave a note after reading my dream.


Flight Posted by Picasa

I wish to fly across the globe in the vast sky.
Its an expression of complete freedom and strength.
A freedom to travel distant places & strength to
move up using the powerful wings.

Standing on the terrace or beach side,
where we experience forceful winds on face
creates cheerfulness. Going for a flight will also be
a similar experience, which has been a boon to birds.
Cheerup and fly high like a bird to catch your dreams.
Try hard with a freedom of thought and lots of
courage as your strength so that success follows you.


Believe In Yourself,
Remember That
Anything Is Possible

Believe in what makes you feel good
and what makes you happy.
Believe in the dreams you’ve
always wanted to come true,
and give them every chance to.
No one knows the ultimate
meaning of life,
but for those who believe
in their dreams
and in themselves,
life is a precious gift in which
anything is possible