Home is where a garden is…

Yay! gardening is fun. I was into gardening from my childhood itself but not so much into it as I’m now. I have written a couple of posts about it briefly. IMG_20160607_083818744Now this is the almond/badam tree just outside my balcony. It is blooming with these beautiful little star shaped flowers. Lovely to have a tree peek into your home during the monsoons. As of now, I’ve harvested very few produce from my very small garden area. Among them are tomatoes, mint, ajwain leaves, beet leaves, turnip greens, lemon grass, methi leaves, few palak and red amaranthus leaves. I am pretty happy with the results. It is a little bit physical activity involving hobby. Taking down weeds and unwanted grasses, planting and replanting saplings, moving around the heavy pots, bending down and up many times, watering them every other day and of course breathing in the freshest air possible.

Coming to yesterday and today’s planting experiments  * tried breaking open malgova and chakkarakatti mango seeds in vain * planted anyways without removing shell of the small seeds * replanted the red guavas from one congested pot to other one * made new pot out of a engine oil bucket * replanted betel leaves from a congested pot to other one * removed arrowroot plant and potted in water in pet bottle and glass bottles * got rid of dried tomato plant * planted jamun seeds * planted plum seeds * placed avocado for sprouting in a plastic bowl * got rid of potato, beet, turnip, avocado wastes * put some green lime seeds for more germination using sponge * planted other green lime seeds in mini pots.

Thinking of planting rosemary but gotta find a place somewhere soon. Chinese bamboo had few yellowed dried plants which i removed. Need to do more experimenting IMG_20160607_083646947 with germinating sprouts from day to day grains like ragi, wheat, kambu, thinai etc and tubers like ginger and other flowering tubers. Have seen all kinds of videos in youtube about gardening different kinds of produce using both seeds and store brought produce and also in water and in soil. Interesting view points from different gardeners. These winds are making the creepers little tired I guess. Waiting for the flowering season here. Also watched TED videos on indoor plants which will give oxygen even during night. Those would be a great addition to our home, but have to have a talk with my hubby 😉 He seems interested sometimes and not so at other times. Good luck for those aspiring gardeners.