Gadget Queen ;)

(^_^) Apple Ipod Touch – year 2009 – place of purchase – Malaysia – an unforgettable gift from my sister – till now it is the best source for all my musical needs. it’s a joy to be with my iTouch. Eversince I’m a fan of Apple’s iTouch.its a tedious process to manage the ipod yet it is a close mate who gives me lots of music and a few gaming experience with its 7.01GB.

(^_~) Sony Walkman – year 2010 – place of purchase – Erode – Most memorable gift from my husband – The first song I heard from this Walkman still lingers in my memory all the time. A handy little version of a musical companion. USB linked, easy to maintain, within the grasp of my palm, great sound quality and 2GB memory with FM recordabilty.

(~_^)Samsung Corby – year 2010 – place of purchase – Bangalore – always with me gift from my husband – The coolest thing with a great number of tweaks, ease of access, looks and uniqueness, it is the three screen mobile with 2MP camera which is more than enough for everyday clicking usage and music heard from this little friend is no less than awesome.

(^_^)Nikon Coolpix – year 2010 – place of purchase – US of A – a long-awaited gift from my cousins – my first ever digital camera, though i had digital photography experience with other digital cameras like fujifilm which was my brothers, this is something special. A tool to satisfy my craving for interesting photography.

Thanks all of you for making my life filled with great gadgets. 😀

<*>other miscellaneous small gadgets with me can be listed as follows – 4GB transcend pen drive, Bluetooth dongle and a local made FM player that can be connected to any simple mobile.


Touch Tips

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So I am back with ipod lessons which I learnt it myself. Today I would like to share the softwares you will find very useful while using the ipod. All the details will work perfectly well with ipod Touch and iphone. It may as well work with other ipod models but because I have not used other models I cannot tell for sure.


This will come in handy when you have formatted your system hard disk and you lost all data and softwares installed including your iTunes. So you can backup the songs from the ipod to the PC using the software Sharepod. It follows simple steps and you can manage after you download and install it and it is a freeware.


Ipod does not support all formats of videos. It only accepts MP4 format videos and it is hard to find or have all the videos in that specific format. So here is the software which will convert the video format to MP4 and then you can transfer it to your ipod without much hassles. It is ipod video converter and you can download it here and also this is a freeware.


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Its like a dream come true that we got an iPod Touch. Though I am not the only one to enjoy it all time, its fun and it was a really great thing that has happened to me. A pleasure to be with like a musical friend. I have about 1200 songs in my ipod touch. The touch generation is fascinating to experience. Blissful to be able to listen to all time favourites whenever I feel like listening. I started to explore more music coz the songs became repetetive and that is a good thing to explore more and more, right? I got to say that maintaining it needs patience and yes skill. Patience coz the syncing and software updates takes loads of time. What skill! you may ask, I would say Continue reading