nature – a memory

My first ever blog as you all know is nature at msn spaces. I have merged that space with this blog – I know.. but still it isn’t the same, right! I really was in love with the layout, look and feel of my first and foremost blog child. Now the fruits of the space tree is held safe in the comfortable wordpress hybrid I believe. I think you can feel my love for the live space by looking at the pictures here – subtle, beautiful, calm, cute, and most of all its pink.. *tears… It was really a nightmare come true.

In memory of it I am planning to revive my lively nature blog at blogger though it will only be a photo blog. Do visit Much care to all souls out there who have come to visit this Princess Dreamscapes.

Current song: Love story by Taylor Swift


Know Me / You !?!

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The biggest nightmare in any relationship is the fear that you won’t be able to know what the other person feels about what you are saying, or how they will feel later the same day after many things have been said. Sometimes the effect is immediate dispute and other times it takes a little time for the other person to ponder upon the things you said and then the dispute will start or it will remain dormant and will erupt in a bigger situation adding fuel to the already raw wounds.

[picapp align=”none” wrap=”false” link=”term=dispute&iid=263318″ src=”0259/40bcddc1-a4c2-498d-be9f-872dc67dfa37.jpg?adImageId=11347886&imageId=263318″ width=”318″ height=”480″ /]

Sometimes the meaning will be obvious like ‘ I don’t like the way you do this’ and many times the meaning will be subtle and indirect making it hard to understand what they intend to say. And some other times the meaning would be straight opposite of what the other person saying. And it is wonder sometimes you yourself don’t realize what you are saying or what your words may mean to someone. So say now which is hard knowing self or others?!?

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Goodness The Motto

This Decade's first moon

Heya fellas, This decade’s first impression on my blog. Really wanted to writeComputer an inspiring note yesterday Wink you know nah! how busy new year dayBirthday cake is with all the TV channels and special programmes; though nothing worked out interesting. On new year eveClock I was watching James Bond 007 movie "Quantum of Solace" – like the previous one there is lot of chasing and dramaAuto and they finish the movie without concluding the storyDisappointed. Last year’s movie "Pirates of Caribbean – At world’s End" Filmstripwas awesomely thrilling and interesting to watch than this years Open-mouthed It is like yesterday that the new millennium 2000 began, I still have the pen my father gave meGift with a bow which had the happy millennium 2000 design on it. So far that was the best new year celebration I had. Now new year days feels like just another day and the only thing we do is change the calendarsSun. I did try cooking in the afternoon which turned out pretty well, I mean spicy the way I like itRainbow. Me and my sis did it. The menu was Pulka and Cauliflower gravy Tongue out no photos yaar, sorry I totally forgot the option of photography because of the involvement you see Wink And as January 1st night came the moon was beautifully yellowish beaming as I was sitting outside calling Mobile Phoneand wishing Telephone receiverfriends and family. Cameras Cameradon’t capture the beauty as such Sad see how small my moon looks whereas for plain eyes it looked marvellously big and charming Red heart So the new decade has begun with a glowing full moon and shows promise for the coming days I feelThinking. Well the SMS I sent using my brain and memory Nerd for possible words starting with the letter ‘D’Light bulb is as follows, the same message I am sending your way to all my friends in the versatile virtual venue called World Wide Web:

"Have a dazzling dreamy dutiful divine dynamic decade ahead Smile Happy New Year and Happy New Decade"Party

And my post is not complete without a cherishing celebration song Notewhich is Vennilave Velli Velli Nilave from Vettaiyadu Vilayadu – the initial lines mean "O moon! O silver moon!Sleeping half-moon, wherever I go you are coming with me, O moon! O silver moon!, you bring with you the whole crue of starsStar". My resolution you may ask, though I didn’t take any by writing a list of things to do, the basic line which I wanted to follow was "To Be Good and To Do Good" Angel Have a pleasant day people.. chao.. Red rose 

Sunsets and Palm trees

Evening beauty
Evening beauty
Palm trees

These are the latest snaps from my recent mini trip Open-mouthed. The last one was a lucky shot as it was taken on the move and yet it came out exactly the way I wanted it to be. Enjoy the week days and the week ends ahead. "Preserve thy innocence at the same time never quit thy quests for wisdom"

Better Parts and the Best parts

I am more confused about the way things pop up and evolve in life more than ever. My mood seems mostly confused and rarely enthusiasm bubbles. Is that only with me* !!! The best parts of are yet to come, and this hope is the only medicine I have to make myself come out of the frustrated mood. I know that I have to take things with a positive attitude, I know I should not spoil my mood on such trivial things, I know that living in the exact present moment with happiness is what is needed. Having known everything I should be doing at the moment, I am not able to do it all time. I cannot deny my actual emotions from surfacing. And a few moments later I myself console and cheer my own self to come out of the confused melancholic state and I make myself think of something nice or perhaps listen to some exciting music. Should make it a habit so that the child like happiness in me does not fade away and I want to keep my hearts age younger forever. If you are young by heart you are young by appearance as well. Hoping that the better parts and the best parts of my life is yet to come and will push me to the heights where I see myself on top of world enjoying life to the best and be the happiest person ever.


You kept blabbering something or the other.
I was not interested and wishes that you stop.
Suddenly you stopped talking and walked away.
I was not happy that you stopped talking.
Neither was I sad that you left me without looking back.
A Strange feeling of nullification


Hi friends,
This is response for your comments in the previous post.
I am a mozilla firefox user only, still there comes little problems once in a while.
I think computers are like that only. Wink

And what!! – A quote for you for now..

"If one can do it, you too can do it. If none can do it, you must do it."

New Update: I am really fine and my family is safe. Thank you friends


I’m unwell,Wilted rose feeling tired because of cold and feverishness..
All will be fine in a day or two. Just posting to let you know why I’m not active here.

It is normal in anybody’s life, so don’t show too much concern friends.Open-mouthed

Poverty – Its viciousc ycle

Picture Source:

Poverty and the complications developing due to it are envisioned
long long years ago. Yet no proper reliable methods or strategies are
used for eradicating it. Even if the government runs extensive
campaigns and introduces schemes for their welfare, nothing could
completely eradicate poverty. Still innumerable people are suffering
below poverty line with only one meal a day or not even that. Deaths
due to poverty, hunger and starvation are counting to be the most even

And now with the global economy crashing, even more well to do
people enter the poverty zone. The world is cruel enough not to give
them a hand to raise from the sufferings. There is abundance of wealth
in one part where people find newer and stupid ways to spend the excess
money they have got. And there is another part of the world where
people have got nothing but a torn out dress with no shelter, no penny
to spend and not even potable water to fill their flattened stomach.

Some strategies that can be followed(to my knowledge)-

1. Share the wealth from the wealthy to the unwealthy; if not wholly, a part of it will do the needed.
2. Physical work to be given the respect it needed – not that those who
use brains to work are only working. Brains can work only when stomach
has food.
3. Equally reasonable pay to those who engage in physical work for earning.
4. New government policies to provide common shelter places for BPL people and provide food in subsidized rates.
5. Citizenship and employment as means to get and ask their rights.
6. By bringing up extensive farming rather than small farm cultivations quality farming and ample food.
8. Proper water harvesting and maintaining underground water resources so that in near future we can prevent water scarcity.
9. Encourage small scale business.
10. Extensive institutes to provide work oriented vocational education
so that they can begin working as soon as they complete the course; The
course should be offered as short term courses and the fee should be
either subsidized or should be nil for BPL students.

~ Eradicate Bribery to make all this happen and to bring poverty eradication to effect.

These have raised from the really small brain of mine. Big people
can think more and can definitely do more towards eradication of

I did my part today by playing freerice, and going to hunger site.

Blog Action Day 2008

Just came across this site and the purpose they are working for. It is a good initiative and it can create a difference, a true one when everyone registered there plan and take proper action. This year the theme or the topic for plan of action is "POVERTY". Poverty is there in every part of the world even in the highly developed tech savvy countries. The term Below Poverty Line should cease to exist. The aim of this Blog action day is simply to create awareness through blogs and deeply interested people can jump into real time action and they can also share their experience with everyone through their blog and pictures.Please find some time to look into the purpose behind their work and spare a post of yours on 15th October to write something about poverty and its eradication.