Infinity Shawl

This shawl is made using the NAKO pashmina yarn of light pink shade and a 4.5 size crochet hook. This is the most admired project of mine owing to its uniqueness and easy making. The major type of stitch used is the half double crochet which is the most easiest and brings out the dense effect which is desired for this kind of beauty. It can be worn as a single loop but is most preferred with double or triple loops according to the climatic condition you are presently in and according to the level of warmth you would need at any point of time when you are outdoors or confined to indoors. I loved this work even while making it and love it even more after completing it. It would be my most favorite wear coming winter. I would update on my other works as and when I complete those. Thanks for inspiring and thanks for visiting..

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Shell Stitch Blanket

This one is more a table cloth than a blanket. But the pattern is the same as mentioned in the video link below. I used NAKO my love yarn and a size 4.5 hook. The working on this particular project very enjoyable as the yarn looked so yum and soft to the eyes and hands. I am still having the lavender yarn to work for one more one skein project. A lot of yarn is used up for this project so it is best advised to have more than one skein to make a small blanket out of it.

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Raspberry Stitch Hat

This is my second work using NAKO saten yarn and a size 4.5 crochet hook. It was meant to be a slouchy hat but I used up the yarn way too soon in making the hat, so it ended up becoming a normal fit hat. Anyways it looks cool and is very soft to touch and the pattern is very pretty. The band has to be worked according to the size of the head circumference of the person for whom you are making it. Other things fall into place naturally.

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