DIY flower vase for carnations

I  made this flower vase myself using nothing  but PET bottle and glitter stone stickers. Carnations added the needed beauty to the arrangement.


Crafty me

Hello friends,

I have been in creative mood for a good period of time. I tried all sorts of hobbies and craft ideas like >>Crocheting >>Knitting >> Quilling >>Quilting >> Macrame >> Dream catcher making etc to make four different kinds of shawls including infinity shawl, Star stitch neck scarf, spagetti fluffy stole and one knitted neck cowl; four kinds of dream catchers including crescent moon dream catcher, Fairy dust dream catcher, beaded dream catcher and moon shaped dream catcher all of them using feathers; One hanging toran including tiny fishes, tiny hearts, tiny flowers, tiny butterflies and tiny stars{the one in the image above}; One table shell stitch square mat; One basket using t shirt yarn and 100 mt cotton yarn; One macrame plant hanger using cloth line ropes and paracord.

Planning on learning new DIY crafts all the time. There are tons of DIY go through videos in youtube and lots of DIY project guide through infographics on pinterest. Interesting to watch and learn. Hoping to learn more and more wonderful things the world can teach me.

One purple shawl is in the making…

Hobbies and Crafts

Been trying these beautiful paracord/ macrame knots-

Home is where a garden is…

Yay! gardening is fun. I was into gardening from my childhood itself but not so much into it as I’m now. I have written a couple of posts about it briefly. IMG_20160607_083818744Now this is the almond/badam tree just outside my balcony. It is blooming with these beautiful little star shaped flowers. Lovely to have a tree peek into your home during the monsoons. As of now, I’ve harvested very few produce from my very small garden area. Among them are tomatoes, mint, ajwain leaves, beet leaves, turnip greens, lemon grass, methi leaves, few palak and red amaranthus leaves. I am pretty happy with the results. It is a little bit physical activity involving hobby. Taking down weeds and unwanted grasses, planting and replanting saplings, moving around the heavy pots, bending down and up many times, watering them every other day and of course breathing in the freshest air possible.

Coming to yesterday and today’s planting experiments  * tried breaking open malgova and chakkarakatti mango seeds in vain * planted anyways without removing shell of the small seeds * replanted the red guavas from one congested pot to other one * made new pot out of a engine oil bucket * replanted betel leaves from a congested pot to other one * removed arrowroot plant and potted in water in pet bottle and glass bottles * got rid of dried tomato plant * planted jamun seeds * planted plum seeds * placed avocado for sprouting in a plastic bowl * got rid of potato, beet, turnip, avocado wastes * put some green lime seeds for more germination using sponge * planted other green lime seeds in mini pots.

Thinking of planting rosemary but gotta find a place somewhere soon. Chinese bamboo had few yellowed dried plants which i removed. Need to do more experimenting IMG_20160607_083646947 with germinating sprouts from day to day grains like ragi, wheat, kambu, thinai etc and tubers like ginger and other flowering tubers. Have seen all kinds of videos in youtube about gardening different kinds of produce using both seeds and store brought produce and also in water and in soil. Interesting view points from different gardeners. These winds are making the creepers little tired I guess. Waiting for the flowering season here. Also watched TED videos on indoor plants which will give oxygen even during night. Those would be a great addition to our home, but have to have a talk with my hubby 😉 He seems interested sometimes and not so at other times. Good luck for those aspiring gardeners.

Watering the Saplings

The watering bucket used by the hon’ble CM is the exact same model as the one I bought for me home :D. And you thought i am going to write news article related journalism; I saw the same model in two different shops here in my area. Himalaya name it has. I’ve kept a little garden area in my balcony with three pots earlier to now seven pots/grow-bags. found a gardening store nearby and it is interesting. I have கற்பூரவல்லி, துளசி, சாமந்தி, புதினா, தக்காளி, கிருஷ்ண துளசி, துலுக்க சாமந்தி, நாவல் செடிகள், செங்கீரை, lemon grass, money plant, one creeper like money plant. Previously i had few indoor plants, but they all didn’t survive. After much effort I got my thulasi plants. lemon grass has to gain roots before shooting, also i have the recent addition நந்தியாவட்டை. Watering with this bucket gives me more happiness than using normal bucket and mugs. The water seepage is also comparatively much less. Should bring in more green into our lives trying to be part of and be close to nature.

English names of the plants: chrysanthemum, mint, red amaranthus, holy basil, tomato, jamun saplings, krishna thulasi, indian borage/ big thyme/ajwain, crape jasmine/ east indian rosebay/ moonbeam.

New families – 3014 AD

A strange thing happened; one of the families that came on board brought with them a little cub. It was nearly dead but life still hadn’t left hand. Prakrti noted the animal curiously. she filled up all the records needed to take the cub into her custody. The cub was a orangish red cub with black stripes on its back. The first thing she did is to make the cub comfortable in the lab in the right temperature and she looked after the cub so carefully. She injected some medicines and waited for the cub to have little milk as she tried desperately to feed it. Only little could enter its mouth and then the cub started yawning and it began to sleep.

In this eventual happenings she totally forgot her friend Prithvi. He was waiting outside for her comeback. When she came out she had little relief in her face. she had also put the cub on trips of tender coconut so he can get more strength to eat properly. She realized her face lighting up as she saw prithvi. He gladly welcomed her with a smile as always and her eyes captured something from the cornet of her eyes and suddenly Prithvi’s hands were on her face. she didn’t realise what was going on until he pulled away a kerchief which had wiped off blood from her radiant face.

The cub might have got wounded realizing which she rushed back along with Prithvi. He quickly pointed out the paws of the cub were it had a shrapnel etched inside the skin near the nails. While Prithvi holded the paws without shaking it, Prakrti used her skills and emergency tools to carefully remove the shrapnel from the little cub’s feet. She was happy that she could find what was wrong with the cub so soon. she put bandages and injections to restore balance in the animal’s body. It slept peacefully. And Prithvi and Prakrti shared their concerns and relief about the events of the day. their hands were clubbed together and there was no time on earth that could have matched that moment of friendship and love which they felt naturally towards each other without any previous knowing or indulging.

Mall Day – 2011 AD

It was saturday and Prakrti was eager to be with Prithvi, her boyfriend. She had planned to visit the Phoenix city mall that day and spend all day with him. He was a little late and she started worrying a lot and slowly anger crept in her mind. Once he comes he would be nowhere to answer her series of questions about time and the credibility of their relationship. He was worried about how he is going to answer her and he thought of a plan. Her house door was open and she was sitting right in front of the door waiting for the moment he would be arriving at her door step. As she saw his face on her door she came in a hurry and started to close the door with a big thud, but alas, he did something incredibly stupid and cute and lovable that all her anger and upset mind came to a cheerful state of understanding his love for her.

He had bought her a big box of love and also a cute little bundle of love. She named it LivLuv the moment she saw its eyes. It was a puppy dog and it was very very cute and it looked so much deep into her eyes with the question mark of whether she would accept her. She was at that point of time where she did not remember for what she was angry or for what she was about to bang the door on his face. She just knew he would make her happy even though the element of nonsensical fights are always there in their future life forecast. She hugged him so deep that he thought oh my god, she is the one and the only one with whom he would be for the rest of his life. The connection is realized by the mind long before the brain assimilates the details of the history and geography of the person opposite him. Destinies are funny in most cases and unimaginably in favor of you in the rest of the cases. After having the moment of cheerful whole hugs, she left the LivLuv with her neighbor friend and they started to the mall, Phoenix city mall.

Her usual shopping stops are the big malls across the city, sometimes even when there is nothing to buy she needs the air of the mall in weekends to make the week complete. As for him he never would understand the concept of going to a shop when there is nothing to buy. she enjoyed seeing the many people coming there and the new arrivals in clothing, furniture and accessories sections of the mall and also the new food menus which she can try as they come. She loved to gift friends and close ones as and when she wishes to do so. It gives her immense joy seeing the surprise element in other people’s face as they receive the gifts. It is like sharing of the love but with a help of physical material. She wanted to be his center of attention all the time and she dressed for the mall day neatly. He was spellbound by her mere presence in front her and the thought that she is very happy spending time with him. she too was the happiest when he is near her and is caring for her more than she would demand of him. They sat in front of hot beverage shop and she ordered ice cream.

… To be Continued…(584)

Blissful Temple – 1016 AD

Prakrti’s moment with one of Nature’s most beautiful bird elongated as long as the bird sat there, but then the soldiers around her thought of the bird as a potential hazard for the princess. And so they had cautious eye for each and every movement of the peacock. Soon a peahen came flying to a nearby branch and the peacock got distracted from what it was doing and it went about to be in companionship with his female counterpart. Prakrti’s eyes still laid on the happy family for awhile and afterwards the chariot came to the proximity of the temple. She got down with flower garlands of nagalinga poo and another garland of vilva leaves. She had brought with her few drums of cow’s milk to offer to God as abisheka porul. Then she prayed for the well being of all the life on the face of earth. This was her routine as always and she was most dedicated when it came to prayers. After prayer, she came to sit outside the praharam of the temple. The soldiers and those who accompanied her distributed prasadam to all devotees who have come to the temple that day. It is likely that at least few of them came to have a look at the princess also after having worshiped the Gods.

Prithvi having got a glimpse of her, came wondering who she was and followed the chariot to the temple in his white horse. Though Prakrti was not aware of this, and she simply greeted the local inhabitants with blessed flowers from the God. Prithvi came near her and was amazed and e lost his conscious mind to the one thing eternal. When he neared her, a distant cuckoo came near the temple tree and Prakrti gave him vilva leaves but she did not see him up close and in front of him. He left a few feet away and behind the pillars was he standing. Then she came to the Murugan sannidhi and offered the God the pichchi poo garland. While coming out of the sannidhi she felt someone near and close to her is near to her at that very moment. but she could not spot the who or where. She showed a sign of disappointment in her face and she hurried to the car and in the hurry she gave the full view of her face to the one man who is going to be hers forever. The chariot left the temple in a haste.

Downhill ride was more troublesome for her with unwanted thoughts and disturbing mind voices. Then again she never stopped wondering and amazing at the beauty of the nature around her. When there was a steep transit suddenly she was facing the uphill temple and at that moment she saw him. She saw the one who is the reason for all her desperation and wonderment. He never thought of showing himself in such a period of his life. He wanted to love her all his life but he wanted to come in front of her only after he regained his lost kingdom as a prince and not as a mere soldier with no degree of rank . This disappointed him yet he was the happiest in the all the world when his love of life saw him and he could sense the love in her eyes also the moment the four eyes met. For her she knew her Gods will never stop blessing her. She knew that he is going to be the one and only one for her. Life and Love became a lot more meaningful all at once and it will be so for the rest of their lives once they join hands in holy union in front of the Gods and the Family elders. She is thinking too fast without realizing the actual course of action may vary a lot and may involve a lot of waiting and patience beyond her level of tolerance. But God is there with her at all times making ways so that only those things happen which will not cause her serious worries. For she is their child and No God finds it amusing to see their devotee suffer.

… To be Continued…(706)

Project completed


Few months back i started this small project, and I finished it a few days back. It looks okay, need to do the framing properly so that it can be displayed elegantly. Watching World Cup Cricket and it is getting more and more interesting as the games progress towards the finale. The red fish looks happy no! After every two days of happiness comes two days of grumpiness for me. All is in the game of life i suppose. Our life is moving in a good direction i am not sure if it is the same direction i want it to go. Cost of living in a city is always on the high end and i feel more and more irritated knowing and understanding the commerce behind every sale and discount offers. Literally all the media is aimed at one and one thing only which is to make people buy something or the other even if they really have no need for it. Real estate for instance is making us crazy thinking over and over about how the dash do people afford the money they are quoting these days for projects far off from city limits. God save us. Take care all…

Towards completion


The crafts nearing completion and i’m happy about the result the red fish looks cute and i need to do the background let’s see how it comes out in a later post i’m doing this for my own satisfaction as i am an artist inside whom i have little explored and i will keep exploring that artistic side of myself in the future i’m planning on learning knitting and crochet knitting

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Knitting embroidery


Started this news craft i’m interested in embroidery knitting and crochet knitting so this will work as embroidery i have tried earlier to do embroidery work the first finished work  of me was a panda bear, this one is a red fish

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